Jinzhou Kunshan Company changed its name and inaugurated!

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2023-01-06 15:12

On December 16, Jinzhou Precision Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. held a name-changing and unveiling ceremony. CPCA Honorary Secretary-General Wang Longji, CPCA Secretary-General Hong Fang, CPCA Office Director Gao Hui, CPCA Printed Circuit Information Operations Director Zhang Qingmian attended the ceremony. Luo Chunfeng, the general manager of the company, and Hong Fang, the secretary-general of CPCA, jointly unveiled the plaque. The ceremony was presided over by Zhou Yanjun, the deputy general manager of Jinzhou Company.

CPCA Honorary Secretary-General Wang Longji delivered a speech. He expressed his blessings for the name change and unveiling of Jinzhou Kunshan Company, and he highly praised Jinzhou "The reason why Jinzhou can become the global leader in PCB special drill materials is not only the world's largest high-quality production capacity, but also strong R & D The team and special equipment have produced the world's best nano-scale high-speed alloy drill!" At the same time, he presented a souvenir to Jinzhou, implying that the foundation will last forever.

Jinzhou Precision Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., formerly known as Huaweina Precision Tools (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Jinzhou Precision Technology Co., Ltd. The company focuses on product research and development and application technology research, and its "HPTec" brand has gained a good market reputation for its excellent performance and precise technical services.

Luo Chunfeng said that Jinzhou Precision Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. will be consistent with the Shenzhen headquarters in terms of quality control, technological innovation and service system, give full play to its geographical advantages, and provide nearby services and support with "better quality and faster delivery" East China market, and has passed the relevant audit certification of Shennan Circuits Co., Ltd. and Jianding (Wuxi) Electronics Co., Ltd. Kunshan Company will serve as Jinzhou’s East China manufacturing base and delivery service center, and will rapidly expand its production capacity in the future. The monthly production capacity will exceed 30 million pieces by the end of 2022. Jinzhou East China Technology Center has been carefully built with the role of the two major platforms of Printed Circuit Board High Precision Processing Tool Engineering Technology Research Center and Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Enterprise Technology Center.

Jinzhou Precision Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. will continue to operate the "HPTec" brand, provide original customers with better products and services, and create value and win-win cooperation with customers.

Luo Chunfeng believes that with the increase of 5G application scenarios, the rapid development of the Internet of Things and the vigorous rise of new fields such as intelligent driving, the global electronic circuit industry will continue to grow. Jinzhou Company has been focusing on the PCB micro-drilling and milling cutter business for 35 years, and has continued to increase investment in technology. The quality stability and technological advancement of Jinzhou products have a good market reputation, and its leading products are coating series, extended series and extremely small diameter series. The drill has gained wide industry approval. In 2021, the 0.01mm-diameter drill bit and milling cutter successfully developed by Jinzhou Company filled the gap in this field in China and attracted extensive attention and reports from the central media and professional media. This is a major innovation achievement, which is the specific practice of the Jinzhou team to focus on innovation, pursue the ultimate, and challenge the limit. In the future, we will continue to focus on the forefront of industry technology, pay attention to changes in customer needs, continuously strengthen technological innovation, and continue to provide first-class products and services for global electronic circuit companies.